Monday, June 10, 2013

Better Late Than Never!

Here's the post - finally! I will be taking next week off because I will be traveling, but remember, you can submit at any time and it will always end up on the next one. Here's what you had this week:

Speak Up:

Save the bees: Bees are important! Do your part to make sure that they remain a healthy, vital part of our ecosystem. Go to to urge the Department of Agriculture to take action. You can learn more about bee saving efforts at (Europe is doing some great things!)


Green Seal Products ( Next time you go to the store, run your shopping list through Green Seal's site first. They have a huge database of approved products and where they are available. They also link to things like green hotels, cleaning services, and non-profits. This site can be an excellent everyday resource that's really easy to use! Never be in doubt of a product again.

Set Her Free ( If you are looking for a gift for a jewelry lover (or just want some yourself), try the recycled paper beaded jewelry at Set Her Free, an organization that employs formerly exploited women (as well as providing education, professional training, and rehabilitation).

Green pool products ( I certainly don't have a pool, but I know people who do! Direct the pool owners in your life to this site so they can stock up on eco-friendly supplies.

Everyday Living:

Get the last drop out of pump bottles:
When the pump can no longer reach the liquid, remove it and set the bottle upside down in a bowl. You can get an extra couple of weeks out of lotions and shampoos!

Father's Day:

Looking for a gift idea? Head over to for some really great tips.

Also, specifically for my dad: GREEN GOLFING! Here's a list perfect for you:

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